Putin reassures Russia “what response” to tank shipments from the West to Ukraine

“We are not sending tanks to its borders, but we have something to respond to,” said the Kremlin head in Volgograd, at the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Germany in the battle of Stalingrad.

reply “It will not be limited to the use of armored vehicles”Said the chief of the Kremlin, who previously laid a wreath in front of the eternal flame in the Military Glory Hall of the “Mamayev Kurgan” memorial complex and held a minute’s silence in memory of the Soviet soldiers killed in Stalingrad.

Putin warned those “who are dragging European countries, including Germany, into a new war with Russia” and “who hope to win Russia on the battlefield”.

“They don’t seem to understand that the modern war with Russia would be completely different for them,” he said.

Russian leader’s statements can be interpreted As a reference to the nuclear power of the country from which Moscow came and its leaders boasted many times over, especially after the conflict in Ukraine had dragged on.

At the same time, Putin has assured several times, most recently at the end of last year, that Russia will not “under any circumstances” be the first to use its nuclear weapons, because military doctrine foresees such attacks only in response.

However, the President of Russia specially mentioned the German Leopard tanks that Berlin will send to Ukraine and said that other European countries in his possession could also supply them to Kiev.

“Unbelievable but true: they are threatening us again with German Leopard tanks”I said.

According to Putin, “the ideology of Nazism, which has already taken its modern form, once again poses direct threats to Russia’s security”.

The Russian president also took advantage of his speech to deny Russia’s isolation and ensure that the country continues to have many friends.

Kremlin chief noted “Despite propaganda efforts” West, Moscow has friends “all over the world”, including North America and Europe.

Since his arrival in the Kremlin in 2000, Putin has attended the anniversary of the war several times, which began on July 17, 1942, and ended on February 2, 1943, with the surrender of Marshal Friderich von Paulus, commander of the Sixth Army. German, 200 days after the conflict.

As Putin said on ThursdayThe desire to “do the impossible” and “go to the end” for the Motherland helped defeat Nazism.

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