Internal Affairs creates 82 new police positions in state police stations

The province will be able to count on it in the coming months 82 new national police officers after change business catalogAccording to sources from Jupol, it is where new locations are designed in different police stations. The majority union in the National Police is particularly pleased. 29 space increase at the airport border post related to Alicante-Elchehere they have been reporting staff shortages for four years and preparing reports and petitions to the police board regarding the need for agents.

Since Jupol They explain that the job catalog of the National Police in the province of Alicante has increased from 2,322 to 2,404 agents. 82 new locations, one Redistribution of shipments by suppressing 642 in Catalonia and 29 corresponds to Alicante-Elche airport with 77 positions and will now rise to 106, representing the highest increase of 37.66% included in the new catalogue.

The union said this was not the increase they demanded and insufficient, but it is also a A significant increase of 37.66%, and this will no doubt ease the workload currently supported by air traffic officers in Alicante. This lack of police officers at the airport has resulted in cases. passenger queues to whom the documents should be checked.

police station

police station orihuela and offices Torrevieja They are the only police units in the province that are not staffed, and they maintain positions 125 and 6, respectively. In the remainder of the new catalog, in addition to the airport, the increase Alicantestaff numbers increase from 998 to 1,029, which means 31 more police officers. Inside Elche catalog will remain in 391 places, seven more; on Elda-Peterer outpost They will have eight more reps going from 151 to 159; alcohol up to a hundred, one more agent; Benidorm will grow to four agents and staff 365 police officers; Y denial 121 to 123 will be two more than ever.

After the approval of the new catalogue, police headquarters In February or March, agents wishing to request transfers from all over the country will convene a general merit competition for their internal movement. In the said competition, it is expected that these new positions will be offered and those that are out of scope will be offered to newly recruited police officers. Jupol sources state that it is normal for all or almost all positions to be filled before next summer, as the position catalog is no longer valid.

In addition to the distribution 642 shipments from Catalonia In the rest of the country, Jupol has confirmed that another 1,500 jobs are predicted to increase before the summer, but these places will already be called for in the 2024 overall achievements competition.

Source: Informacion


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