Searching for the best hamburger in Spain 2023

What is the best hamburger in Spain? It is a difficult question to answer and, moreover, almost impossible to reach a consensus. Despite being quite challenging, Best Burger Spain accepted the challenge. For the third time in a row, the platform held the contest to choose the best hamburger in the country, which has become a touchstone in the restaurant industry. from From 1 February to 28th The jury and consumers will try to find out what the same month is. better burger. Evidence of the greatness this championship has achieved, the total 290 establishments You must be registered to be eligible for this recognized distinction. About 140 of them were left out.

“We’re trying to find the best hamburger in Spain, we want consumers to really decide what their real hamburger is,” explains Iván de la Plata, organizer of Best Burger Spain. from their organization Jury of 40 professionals: youtubers specializing in gastronomy, members of the National College of Gastronomy Critics and Michelin Star chefs among other members. The jury grade is 40% weighted. at the final decision that of the restaurant 60%.

How is this championship going? Customers go to any of the 290 registered restaurants, try the hamburger, and vote through an app On the other hand, the establishment sends undercover juries so they can evaluate how the hamburger tastes, customer service, or the restaurant’s location. “The challenge was not to win, but to know how to do it. We had to transform the entire restaurant, the staff, the machine we needed, and communicate everything through social networks as we did,” says winner Javier Alfonso. Best Burger Spain 2022 for one of the creators of the best hamburger and Junk Burger.

Expanding food distribution

There’s a football game and you don’t have a snack in the fridge while you enjoy watching? Want to watch a movie but don’t want to eat popcorn? No problem: a delivery company can fix the problem for you with one click. Food delivery remains popular with consumers watching a sporting event. According to Uber Eats data, More than 3,000 hamburgers ordered per hour in 2022 through its app, which means more than six million ‘burgers’ sold.

Restoration appreciates that such options exist for the client because they are known as such. Meanwhile, they are increasing their sales. Sundays are the days when more hamburgers are consumed., a trend that worsens when there are football matches. This is supported by data from Uber Eats. These reveal that the days with the highest number of orders for this type of food in 2022 are November 20. opening match worldfor the 27th of November match between Spain and Germany and on December 18 end Train.

Carlos Maldonado along with the rest of the winners of the other editions of Best Burger Spain.

These gastronomic stalls quality, product, image or customer service wins your customers serving them a “simple hamburger”, but there’s actually a whole work process behind it. “We don’t just go to the restaurant to eat, but with ‘delivery’ we bring another perspective to the customer. We reach more people,” says Carlos Maldonado, winner and founder of “Masterchef 3”. restaurant estate. The chef created El Círculo during the pandemic thus contributing to the expansion of ‘delivery’ foods. “They’re not hamburgers to eat every day, special burgers because the meat is aligned, the sauces are different and there is another concept behind it,” explains Carlos Maldonado.

After passing the championship period (until February 28), the organization will announce that the finalists will have to go to the Estrella Galicia Museum in A Coruña on March 7. The final in which 10 to 20 organizations will take part and where the selection jury will finally decide which is the best hamburger in Spain 2023.

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