Trump sues journalist Bob Woodward for publishing interview tapes

Former US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, sued journalist Bob Woodward and his publishers for publishing an audiobook containing interviews he recorded for a book, demanding nearly $50 million from them. for what he describes as an attempt to “make it look bad”.

“I continue to fight the media” miscommunication broken, dishonest and unstable Trump is filing this lawsuit against a man whose image is so different from the real thing, Bob Woodward, his publisher Simon & Schuster, and his parent company, Paramount Global.

The lawsuit, filed in the Pensacola (northwest Florida) courts, concerns the audiobook “The Trump Tapes”, compiled from twenty interviews the former president had with Woodward for the 2020 book “Rage”. .

Pulitzer Prize winner Woodward is a journalist known for his discovery with Carl Bernstein. The Watergate wiretapping scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974.

According to Trump, He never allowed tapes of his interviews with Woodward to be used as audiobooks.

The tapes were “to be used only for the written word, that is, to aid in the accuracy of his book,” he said.

“It was a clear and blatant attempt to make me look as bad as possible,” he added.

The former president, who has already started his campaign in order to obtain the Republican candidacy for the 2024 presidential election with rallies in different parts of the USA, is looking for this demand. approximately $50 million in compensation.

It is estimated that at least two million copies of the audiobook “The Trump Tapes” were sold at $24.99 each, to determine the amount of $49,980,000.

Trump’s lawyers say in the case file that this case focuses on the “systematic abuse, manipulation and abuse” of voice from former President Trump, which was collected in connection with a series of interviews conducted by Woodward.

According to the text of the judgment, “said the voice it was a protected materialIt is subject to various limitations of use and distribution, including copyright, license, contract, publishing industry fundamentals and core values ​​of fairness and consent.”

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