Peruvian Congress refuses to postpone elections to 2023

at the plenary session of the Congress Peru rejected this Friday to advance general elections in the country Next October, after discussing for more than 8 hours a project proposed in this sense by Fujimori Hernando Guerra García, head of the Constitutional Commission. Offer It received 45 votes in favour, 65 against and 2 abstentions., but after the result was passed, Congress president José Williams reported that the request for reconsideration would be considered next Monday and they would have to vote on the proposal again. In order for this project, which is a constitutional reform, to be approved, 87 deputies had to receive the affirmative votes of two consecutive legislatures.

The General Assembly approved the proposal to reconsider the progress date of the general elections. In the country for this year proposed by Hernando Guerra García, head of the Constitutional Commission from Fujimori, instead of April 2024 as originally planned. The decision was passed with 78 votes in favor, 34 against and 7 abstentions, after more than four hours of intense debate between different groups.

Guerra García surprisingly requested on Thursday that the vote, which was initially approved on 20 December, be reconsidered so that early general elections could be held in April 2024. After his request was approved, Congress president José Williams immediately started the discussion on the final new date for the elections, which Guerra García proposed to be held next October.

In the project presented by the chairman of the Constitutional Commission, at that time A new president and two vice presidents were elected, along with 130 deputies and 5 deputies. Andino with a final presidential runoff in early December.

“It is a must for our country. Now it is up to us to vote on this issue.” It refers to the anti-government demonstrations that have killed 64 people since last December.

As this is a constitutional reform, such a vote must receive the affirmative vote of 87 deputies in two consecutive legislatures. Therefore, if the new project is approved, it must be re-voted at the plenary session of the next legislature, which the Constitutional Commission proposes to begin on February 15.

details of the discussion

At the start of the debate this Friday, the plenary rejected the request, presented separately by the ultra-conservative Renovación Popular party and the radical left bank Bloque Magisterial, to declare the election date reconsideration “inadmissible”. After this request was rejected, Guerra García urged parliamentarians to “consider the very serious situation” facing her country, noting: changing the early election is “a decision” politics.

Left-wing parliamentarians like Flavio Cruz assured President Dina Boluarte that the “solution” for the election to move forward, and who did they ask? retreat such that, as stipulated by the Constitution, general elections are held immediately in the country. Boluarte also urged Congress this Friday to approve election progress for 2023 as a precautionary measure to get out of the crisis, and also in response to one of the main demands of the anti-government protests that demanded his resignation, the shutdown of Congress. constituent assembly call

According to the Ombudsman Institution data, to date, 46 people participated in the protests Passed A policeman died after being burned alive by protesters in a shootout with security forces. Added to these victims are 11 deaths in incidents related to the barricades and one death in the northern area of ​​La Libertad, confirmed by the police. Likewise, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Acnur) reported that four Haitians who were unable to receive medical attention due to road closures lost their lives and 64 died, as well as an unborn baby confirmed by Unicef ​​for the protests. December 11

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