Von der Leyen calls for continued pressure on Russia

“We must continue to increase the pressure on Russia and of course we will continue our unwavering support for Ukraine,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said at the press conference marking the summit this Friday. traditional tour of the beginning Presidency of the European Union twice a year which Sweden took over on January 1. A comment with full support from the Scandinavian country that will lead the EU with the motto “A greener, safer and freer Europe”. your prime minister, ulf kristerssonHe made it clear that Kiev’s victory in the war would be Ukraine’s top priority in the next six months, as it was “existential for Europe.”

Kristersson argued for the need to continue to support Ukraine militarily, politically, economically and humanitarianly, as Russia claimed, and above all to maintain unity and avoid divisions among the Twenty-seven. “There is no more important task for the Swedish presidency. The fate of Ukraine is also the fate of Europe”, the commissioners recalled after a visit to her college from Kiruna, a city located on the Arctic Circle. An appointment marking the beginning of the presidency, which will further prioritize the green transition and the rule of law in Ukraine .

“Since 1945 this region has been a place of peaceful coexistence between NATO and the Soviet Union and later the Russian Federation, this peaceful order, the Putin regime seems to want to destroy at the moment, but we are here in Ukraine and in every We will defend on the ground.” said. A message shared by von der Leyen, announcing that the delegation of commissioners will go to Kiev in early February to meet with the members of the government led by him. Volodymyr Zelensky. Von der Leyen did not specify a date, but an EU-Ukraine summit at the level of European leaders – together with the heads of European institutions – is scheduled for February 3 in Kiev.

18 billion for Kyiv

The idea, as explained by the German, is that they join. Between 10 and 15 curators and address the 18-20 open files. It will be a very good time to deepen and intensify the different issues that are on our agenda.” EU support for Ukraine is full. Not surprisingly, Twenty-seven approved a financial aid package of 18,000m euros to meet Kiev’s current expenses and needs; this is the largest in history for a neighboring country and the first payment will be made this January.

What is not progressing as fast as Kiev would like, accession process. As von der Leyen emphasizes, it is a process that has periods when it is necessary to go “step by step”. The next big step won’t come until autumn, when the European Commission will present its annual enlargement report, which includes an assessment of the progress made last year. “It is important for us to move forward and accelerate so that the enlargement report in the fall reflects this and leads to interesting decisions from the Council”, he restrained himself. “There is agreement that there will be an oral report in the spring to see how things are progressing (…). Things are going in the right order,” added Kristersson.

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