‘Planta Baixa’ (TV3) apologizes for showing Puigdemont with the song ‘Rata de dos patas’ in the background.

The music sparked a controversy on TV3 the day of the release of Shakira’s new song with cues on Piqué. Had to apologize after ‘Planta Baixa’ sounded‘two-legged rat’, one of his great achievements Paquita La del Barrio was coming when the camera focuses on an image Carles Puigdemont on one of the big screens on the pre-ad set.

Putting Puigdemont on that screen was due to the treatment featured on the news’s schedule in the independence process judicial trial, where the charge of insurrection against the former head of the Generalitat was lifted, although he is still wanted. and arrest for an alleged embezzlement charge.

After this embarrassing moment, the server Agnès Marquès and Oscar Broc, The ‘Aruser@s’ collaborator and responsible for playing the music for the TV3 show made a statement to the audience and said that “bad coincidence”: “He gave us a paradigmatic topic. So what happened? We announced that the next topic we’re going to discuss is about Carles Puigdemont, and the camera went there”.

This is what happens in a live broadcast where 70 people work. “These are things that could happen, that we don’t want to happen, and that’s why we wanted to explain ourselves.”

Source: Informacion


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