Orestes’ words that made the audience of Pasapalabra cry

Another milestone in Pasapalabra history at Antena 3. We’ve already forgotten how many times we told you about the historic duel between Rafa and Orestes and how many times they were a word away from winning the jackpot. By the way, a boat that has already surpassed 1,900,000 euros.

But Wednesday’s program was also special, especially for Orestes. The man from Burgos celebrated an anniversary in the format and that’s it. He was celebrating 300 shows as a contestant. almost nothing.

It was renamed Orestes before the start of tests. of LeonidasPassword‘: “It takes the same perseverance to withstand the attacks of so many enemies,” admitted Rafa, implying. This time he didn’t miss the opportunity to tell one of his witty jokes referring to the Spartans: “I’ll die if I don’t tell you.”

Roberto Leal replied: “You have to be very Spartan to endure so many battles.”

emotional words

Also at the beginning of the donut, the host encouraged Orestes to say a few words to celebrate the 300 programme: “Today, on this very important event, I wanted to thank the entire team and all the people who made the show so special,” Orestes began.

“Family, friends, who are with me day to day but also To everyone who supports us from our country and Latin Americavery and very loving ”, the man from Burgos continued on such an important date.

“I wanted to thank all the people I met more directly or superficially for the following reason: Jero, Jaime… my old rivals and now Rafa, the most special thing you can find”, he said, looking at Sevillian. Orestes began to get emotional and we with him: “Teaching at the reference level is great, but at the human level it already dwarfs it.”

Roberto Leal wrote on behalf of the entire Pasapalabra team, reminding him that the love is mutual and that “we are family, you are family”.

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