Another circular ending to The Good Fight

a few weeks ago We said goodbye to one of the best series. The Good Fight of recent years has gone after us six seasons and it did so in much the same way as its main series The Good Wife: returning to where it all began. And here was the downside of most of the cast that got on the boat in the beginning. gone as the seasons progressed. none rose leslie as the young Maia Rindell and called to be Alicia’s heir, nor Giant Love like Lucca Queen, nor Delroy Lindo They were already cast as Adrian Boseman. But even so, we’re finally back to the beginning.

We saw a Diane Lockhart in the first episode (Christine Baranski) was valuing his glorious retirement, taking care of vineyards somewhere in the French countryside. Exactly the same thing that our hero began to think about at the end of the series. But there is a timer that starts a countdown Since this is the last episode, it raises the fear that maybe nothing good will happen when it reaches zero. In the credits of the first episode, those objects we saw jumping in the air were destroyed by sniper bullets. It goes without saying that as of now, there are plenty of spoilers for the ending for those who haven’t watched it yet.

During this past season, no doubt the most surreal of the entire seriesWe had the feeling that the world was going to literally go to shit. It really was the end of everything. The heroes are locked in their company’s offices as if in a bubble through the streets. there’s a whole battle. day capture of the capital after his defeat donald trump In the last election for the US presidency, all the red lines were blown up, and since then, coexistence has become unbreathable. As if the whole nation lives on permanently on the brink of a civil war. A society and political leaders who can’t keep up with the situation and the new challenges of the world. As white supremacists take to the streets imposing their post-truths based on pulses and opponents who consider using exactly the same weapons as their enemies. With everything going well, Diane can only think of starting something. therapy sessions with the help of pills that make you see pink elephants and unicorns. looks like we’re coming back those epidemic days If the world collapses, at least the bars won’t close on us.

From the beginning of the series, the writers toyed with the idea of ​​a possible return of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies). The truth is, if Alicia had to come back, there couldn’t have been a better moment than now. In fact, throughout this last season, we’ve had an occasional cameo from The Good Wife’s cast that can give those theories wings. To the eccentric Elisabeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) were already here in previous deliveries. But Eli Gold’s return was nicer (Alan Cumming). Through him, we learned that Alicia was inside. new York and things seemed to be going great for him. Not so much for ex-girlfriend Peter Florrick, who was involved in more corruption scandals. As stealthy as a real-life actor, Chris Northbanned from sequel sex in new york. But Ali did not come back. Allusions to him in a few lines of dialogue have been his entire appearance in this series.

In the end, Alicia did not return. One of the most memorable scenes of the first episode was this: Diane’s face when she saw Donald Trump become the new president of the United States. The series became a genre during its first four seasons. television bastion to lead the resistance anti-Trump. Creativity and bright dialogues of marriage Robert and Michelle King They became scalpels to eliminate the manipulations of his administration. By the fifth season, the man with the yellow wig lost the election. A new reality was emerging and the scenarios focused on telling us What was America like after Trump?. Kings always tried to update their intrigues according to the political reality of the country. Your prediction rate may be higher than: The Simpsons. In fact, they dared to get wet and make predictions this past season. Among them, a possible annulment by the Supreme Court same-sex marriage. It’s a fact that the US Congress also wants to envision this week with a law that protects the protection of these links. We’ve also seen some pretty current issues like complaints about it. Sexual assaults on the Metaverse. There is not a thorny subject that the show has not avoided over the years. from #Me too also trans laws.

The final episode closed with a reference very close to reality. Finally, the countdown of the timer that started at the beginning of the episode showed the moment of the announcement made by Donald Trump. run for president again. Six days before it happened, the authors had the audacity to predict that their party’s rivals would get out of the way and Trump would return. As in the first episode, Diane give up your plans for a golden retirement. There are many challenges ahead, and fighting the presidential candidate’s fanaticism is one of them. We return again to the promised starting point. the fight continues. perfect ending for don’t close the doors and so, at any time, the Kings can devise new spin-offs that can continue to show us what North America is like today.

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