The Pasapalabra donut has a winner and this face is stuck with Orestes

Follow the unstoppable duel of Pasapalabra. Raphael and forests in the last rosco they go hand in hand, the jackpot is only increasing and there is already a cumulative. 1.882.000 €. The program already rates its level as “excellent” and “mastery in each of the tests.”

On Tuesday, December 6, Constitution Day, rosco would be no less, and the intrigue continued until the end. Rafa started the test with 5 correct answers followed by a good string of 7 correct words.

Orestes did the same, warning Rafa at the first start of rosco. I wouldn’t make it easy. Sevillian took his word for it and finished the first round of the final panel with 21 strokes and 51 seconds. The letters Rafa was hiding were ‘F’, ‘Ñ’, ‘Q’ and ‘S’.

Paying attention to his opponent’s movements, the Burgosian player completed the first round with 21 hits and 39 seconds. The letters to be solved were ‘F’, ‘N’, ‘R’ and ‘T’.

Rafa in one of the scones ANTENNA 3

Rafael’s strategy

Rafa decides to embark on an adventure. strategy. Press two of the missing letters (‘Ñ’ and ‘Q’) and let the seconds pass. Sevillian stands up and ends his performance at rosco with 23 strokes. Why are you doing this? Well, for strategy. Of course he didn’t know the remaining two words, and besides, this put pressure on forests Who knows if he wants to avoid facing the blue chair the next day he has to take risks?

And that’s what it is. Orestes responds positively to one of the words, but the one with the letter ‘T’ fails. The definition proposed by Roberto Leal is “typewriter”, to which he replied “tipotosa”. The answer is not correct but he has two words left so he has two chances to win a donut. Firstly password but the ‘N’ in the second letter is incorrect. “Naf de Naf” Orestes dares to make a joke about an Asian river with the correct answer. Nothing, I had no idea about the answer. He knows he has to face the blue chair again if he wants to test his wits and his opponent again.

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