makoke He travelled alteain Alicanteduring span bridge. He even went for a walk, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Show your followers the beauty of nature in this part of the Levant.

inside that instagram, Makoke is shown wearing casual clothes, a blue sweatshirt, loose hair, and large sunglasses that protect her from the sun shining in Alicante. Television collaborator traveled Alicante beach relaxing, resting and doing activities different from your daily routine.

Makoke is a regular in Altea and usually visits it several times a year.. She loves the sun, sea and summer and is not afraid to go and enjoy places like Marbella, Ibiza or Altea. In fact, we could see pose in the harbor “She loves ports, I think it’s full of nostalgia,” he assures in a broadcast from one of the most beautiful cities on the Alicante coast.

Also, we could see it a few weeks ago. walking the streets Elche, in a video she posted on her Instagram profile. Apparently a collaborator of the most famous programs on television In love with the state of Alicante.