France wants to encourage deportation of irregular migrants

new immigration law balanced? Or is it just another demonstration of President Emmanuel Macron’s harsh policy towards immigrants? The French Government presented in the National Assembly this Tuesday afternoon the outline of a new immigration law that it plans to approve early next year. This legislative project, presented as a “balanced text” by the Centrist Executive, is above all an intended legislative project. encourage and accelerate deportations despite the fact that foreigners are in a disorderly state, but also new residence permit for immigrants working in labor-stressed sectors.

“This text will be balanced (…). At the start of a parliamentary debate on immigration policy, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne said we can honor it only when we respect our rights,” but the media has been quite focused on the bill. French management “must decide who you want Regarding the text, which is planned to be presented in the Council of Ministers in January, Borne can already accept that he does not want it.”

“Too many rules prevented us from being expelled”

While the Macronist Executive insists that this will not only result in a harsh text against foreigners, numerous humanitarian organizations voiced their concerns About this bill They consider that most of the measures are aimed at promoting and accelerating the irregular deportation of immigrants, a common requirement of the French far right, which does not hesitate to use tragic events to defend this idea.

“Those who commit crimes cannot continue on our national soil,” said Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, an ambitious leader who appears to be one of Macron’s possible successors from 2027 and is part of Macron’s most conservative faction. to make this law a political showcase, will deport all foreigners convicted of crimes from France “related to violence against women, police or drug trafficking”, among others. “Too many rules so far have prevented us from expelling a criminal from our area,” he added.

The text, which will represent the 29th immigration law introduced in France since 1980, is also a almost automatic removal order for rejected asylum seekers. “This measure seems problematic to me,” criticized Pierre Henry, president of the France Fraternités association, and recalls that “governorships now issue deportation orders as if they were roll call.”

In addition, the legislation drastically reduce legal recourse may be undertaken by persons denied asylum or deportation orders. It will also encourage asylum claims to be reviewed by a single judge rather than having them handled by law, which could support more arbitrary treatment, warns associations. And it will be necessary to pass French exam to obtain a residence permit.

Streamline restoration or construction workers

In last decade, Immigrant deportation orders doubled In France, it increased from around 60,000 in 2011 to over 120,000 in 2019. However, only more than 10% of these are realized due to difficult coordination with the countries of origin. Darmanin assumed that “last year we increased deportations by 21%.”

To make up for its more compelling side, the new bill will include a new annual (renewable) residence permit – a shorter period of time than traditional residence permits – for immigrants working in labor-stressed sectors. . It will also expand a list of available ones. “tense professions”, that it has the authority to hire immigrants without paperwork. And the Executive has pledged to increase the funds allocated for integration by 25%, as well as streamline the often Kafkaesque bureaucratic procedures for requesting residence permits.

“We have to get out of the current situation where everyone is losing,” Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt said about the regularization of migrants promoted in recent months following complaints from employers. lack of manpower. According to this minister, this measure will not require major regulation of the estimated 600,000 or 700,000 foreigners living in France without proper documentation. In fact, some tens of thousands of people”. “Announcements about regularization have been kept to a minimum,” complained Elsa Faucillon, MP from the left-wing NUPES coalition. “The only knock-on effect this law will have will be the influence of far-right ideas,” he warned.

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