Sending animal parts, a very common intimidating practice in Russia

what did it start as domestic matter Spain has become a species global and epidemic alert. National Police caught in the last hours three new letters addressed on this occasion, containing animal parts embassy Ukraine in Madrid already Malaga and Barcelona consulates. In total, the number of suspicious packets sent embassies of Slavic countries in a dozen capitals the world is already rising twenty oneto be added six envelopes with pyrotechnic material Addressing, inter alia, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez Yet US Embassy in Madrid.

“Everything points to action inspired by the Russian state,” says Olga Lautman, senior researcher at the Center for European Policy (CEPA) and expert on organized crime operations in Russia and Russia. Ukraine has become a behavior to send animal parts to “journalists, dissidents and critical voices”, a model “commonly used Russia since the 90s‘, he continues. At first, ‘they mafia groupsresorting to this practice in order to intimidate the “reporters” who are investigating criminal activities.

In the first decade of the 21st century, buyers have become “journalists critical of the world.” second chechen war or corruption of the Putin regime,” or even “members of the opposition.” The last case with evidence dates back to April, when the war in Ukraine began. Alexei VenicetovThe manager of the closed liberal station Echo of Moscow received a letter at his home in Moscow, whose mother is Jewish. pig headMedieval iconography depicting Hebrews sucking on the nipples or observing the anus of a pig, with the word Judensau inscribed on the door of his house.

All doubts about the authorship of the campaign are now supposedly wagner groupPrivate mercenary militia led by Yevgeny Prigozhin, nicknamed “Putin’s chief”, which recently broadcast hammer blows on his Telegram channel. Yevgeny Nuzhin, a former prisoner recruited by the militia who escaped while at the front and offered to fight on the Ukrainian side. “Our group never engages in stupid and vulgar antics,” the group leader said in a text message to CNN.

Lautman does not exclude such a hypothesis, although he remembers that this is a theory. method of intimidation which has been used by numerous Russian groups and institutions “from mafias to members of the secret services, including Chechen paramilitaries”. The content of the message, yes, of course: interlocutor He has become “a target to hit” and “he needs to stop what he is doing now.” In the case of Denis Korotkov, a reporter Novaya NewspaperReceiving a note with a severed goat’s head 4 years ago shipping history It was clear: St. It was precisely while working as a correspondent for Fontanka, a website in St. Petersburg, that he delved deeply into Prigozhin’s activities.

The government has refused for now raise anti-terrorism alertand, at least in the case of six letters with fireworks, investigations had centered a few days ago on “small groups” of the radical left that were “undertalented” and “acted on their own”. In some of the spooky letters with animal parts, the postmark turned out to be non-Spanish, unlike explosive letters dated at Valladolid.

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