UAZ suspends taking orders for vehicles with automatic transmission 10:50

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant has suspended the taking of orders for Patriot and Pickup models with automatic transmissions. About informs Portal “Car news of the day”.

The reason why the SUV and pickup truck can no longer be ordered is unknown. According to the portal, this may be due to the fact that, due to sanctions, the supply of Punch Powerglide 6L50 gearboxes to UAZ is prohibited.

It is noted that dealers have at least several dozen “Patriot” and several “Pickup” with automatic transmission. The cost of such machines ranges from 2 million rubles. up to 3.9 million rubles

Previously reportedHe said that the Russian automaker KamAZ presented a KamAZ-6250 all-wheel drive shift bus at the International Bus Equipment BW Expo-2022. The body meets all safety requirements, and the seats in the cabin are equipped with three-point seat belts. The bus is versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Source: Gazeta


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