MasterChef producer threatens Patricia Conde with legal action

Shine Iberia, producer of MasterChef Celebrity, made the announcement by sending a clerical fax to Patricia Conde. legal measures if he does not “correct and apologize” for accusations by some participants of the manipulation and drug use programcompany sources informed EFE.

“With regard to Shine Iberia and regardless of any measures the publishing partners decide to adopt, A clerical fax was sent to Patricia.If he doesn’t fix it and apologize, we will take legal action,” he said.

Finally, the presenter, who participated in the television contest, made serious accusations against the program in a message he wrote on his Instagram account on Thursday, December 1 and later deleted it.

“I’ve only had sleep in my lifeI’ve never used drugs and I wouldn’t do anything like that on a 14-camera TV show that focused on me, I’m fine, But I’m not stupid and I love myself, I respect myself and I want the best for my son and me. You know perfectly well who the two people who do this every day in this edition are. For example, take a look at the footage from the racetrack day. They give me the dead one,” he wrote.

Moreover He asked those responsible for the program to stop attacking him on networks.

“Tell the (who is awesome) networkers on the show to stop writing hurtful things about me.. I was talking about the danger of networks, not sanityHe. What I suggest is that you hire a psychologist for the program to explain to us the cause of things. For example, he deleted this part of the message that said, “You are not crazy, the oven is closed”.

Then the producer made a short statement, denying the words of the contestant and warning that it would be attempted.“against honor” not only from the production team of the show, but also from his own colleagues.

Currently, none of the other contestants have participated in the debate. All of them showed themselves through their different personal accounts on social networks. thanks to the format and the “good” snippet in “MasterChef Celebrity 7”.

Since the first post, Patricia Conde has changed the text several times.and currently only maintains a version of the program for which she is grateful for the time she spends in their kitchen.

“I had never watched MasterChef but I am forever grateful for this opportunity and everyone getting to know me a little bit better. I’ve said this many times, I’m sensitive and vulnerable and my lifeline is my sense of humor. They tell us it’s a fun show like you’ve seen in 12 shows and other versions of it. stresses that we put on a show, we cook, we fight.

Source: Informacion


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