In the Kherson region, they announced their intention to prosecute those involved in terrorism initiated by Kyiv 06:14

Alexander Malkevich, a freelance adviser to the deputy governor of the Kherson region, said that the trial against the organizers and perpetrators of terrorism should be held in Kherson after the city was liberated from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It has been reported TASS.

“Of course such a trial should be held in Kherson. In the center of Kherson, on Perekopskaya Street, there is a prison building, and adjacent to the wall is a complex of buildings of the Tavria television and radio company. [После освобождения города] A court can be set up in one of the buildings, taking into account that the perpetrators and organizers of the crimes will be in prison, ”Malkevich said.

He also recalled that the facts of war crimes committed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now recorded by the International Public Tribunal for the crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis and their accomplices.

Previously on the Federation Council declaration On the need to convene an international military tribunal for Donbass.

The day before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reportedHe said Russia was angered by the French Foreign Ministry’s statement about Russia’s plans to establish a “special tribunal for crimes of aggression”.

Before that, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced On the start of work to establish a court to investigate Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Moscow said it would have no legal consequences and described the initiative as “another political limitation”.

Source: Gazeta


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