Former CIA official Giraldi said Zelenskiy wanted to draw the United States and NATO into the conflict.

Former Central Intelligence Agency official Filip Giraldi said that the actions of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after the missile accident in Poland showed the desire of the Ukrainian leader to bring NATO and Russia together. He expressed this opinion in an interview. Youtube channel Judging freedom.

“Zelensky’s behavior demonstrates that he will make every effort to drag the United States and NATO into an armed conflict,” Giraldi said.

The former officer also noted that the statements of the Ukrainian side that Moscow was allegedly involved in the missile incident were unfounded and contradicted the available evidence. According to Giraldi, there can be no doubt that the missile is of Ukrainian origin, since its trajectory is being followed and there are no such missiles in the Russian arsenal.

He also reminded that Zelensky wanted to apply to NATO by making a statement that the state of emergency violated the fifth article of the NATO charter.

“An attack on an alliance member must therefore, all NATO members oppose the aggressor, that is, start a full-scale war against Russia,” the officer said.

Former Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declarationThat the route of Vladimir Zelensky “to win the war and return all lands, including the Crimea” will fail. According to him, Europe acts as “to some extent the author” of the situation in Ukraine. According to Lavrov, the Ukrainian people deserve “to live in friendship and good neighborliness with their Slavic brothers”.

Before that, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin declarationThat NATO does not pose a threat to Russia and will not be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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