Six arrested in connection with gunfight between clans in Valencia

The gunfight between the clans took place in a town in Valencia last Monday night. floodFortunately, no one was injured, resulting in six detainees so far. voluntarily surrendered to police stations when they found out they were wanted by the police yesterday morning. The suspects involved in the incident deny that they went to the house armed, and claim that it was a blackmail alleged victim of the complainants’ sister.

Those arrested by the National Police at the Torrent police station, all members of the same family and between the ages of 21 and 64Another clan with family ties is listed as being investigated in an open case for attempted murder after shooting at his home, but the degree of involvement of each will be determined by the court.

The incidents, privately reported by Levante-EMV of the Prensa Ibérica group, occurred at around five o’clock last Monday night, when agents of the National Police conducting prevention work were alerted by Room 091. Go to Andorrra de Torrent street, a quarrel broke out between clans, some of whom apparently knew each other, and in the meantimeSeveral gunshots were heard.

A few patrols immediately went to where they found the three men, who said some of their relatives had appeared there and shot at a bedroom window, while others had tried to punch the door open and then fled.

Agents observed that the front door was damaged and the glass was broken as well as the window that had been shot. Agents stuck two bullets inside the room., one on the floor and the other embedded in the wall, analyzed by the scientific police group. They also found that there were three bullet holes in the blind.

There were five people inside the house when shots were fired, and a sixth who came later. One of the victims is a recovering woman with mobility issues. who had to seek health care after suffering a stroke a year ago. In addition, another resident was injured in the head as a result of the cut caused by the breaking of the glass in the door.

One of the detainees appeared before the court this morning, and Torrent Investigation Court No. One accepted his statement after his statement. admission to the temporary prisonwas served and charged with attempted murder without the possibility of bail. The other five detainees were released directly after testifying at the police station, with the obligation to appear before a judge when summoned.

Source: Informacion


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