Arrested after shooting his partner in the street in Seville, leaving him injured

this local police and Civil Guard From Castilleja de la Cuesta (Seville) arrested then a local resident hit to his partner in the middle of the street after an argumentn, leave injured on the ground and leave without helping or notifying the emergency room.

Emergency services arrived this Thursday afternoon, police sources told EFE. a call that stimulates a strong argument between a couple The woman left the venue voluntarily after “having problems with cohabitation” and mediation by intermediaries.

But soon after A new report has been received that a woman was lying injured on the street after being beaten by her husband, leaving without giving him any help.

Already at the scene, agents confirmed that it was the same woman with whom they began searching for the alleged attacker.He was soon found and arrested.

The woman, for her part, Evacuated to San Juan de Dios Hospital in Aljarafewhile the alleged attacker is detained for a speedy trial in the coming hours.

Source: Informacion


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