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It is not every day that Alicante takes part in a quality cultural program. Caminos de la música, a series created by Marta Moll de Alba, made this possible. There is no doubt that the Alicante Provincial Assembly Auditorium has quickly become one of the most famous music temples in the entire national geography. The best international orchestras pass here, and an established ensemble has been created here that receives the best reviews from the experts.

Responsible is ADDA’s artistic director Josep Vicent, who spoke with Marta Moll about the highlights of this building by architect Javier García Solera. Among them, the excellent acoustics of the main room stand out. Vicente emphasized two singular elements of this. The driftwood ceiling resembling a cello table and the back wall of the stage resembling a giant trumpet making noise.

The best thing for music lovers is that ADDA programming is not listened to. The symphonic loop is superimposed with other chamber loops, the guitar one, summer Fijazz, morning sessions with provincial bands or performances by the most well-known artists.

The panelists of the Contemporary Observatory have so far ignored the Diputación Auditorium. As if his program did not welcome the wreckage of a national touchstone, the Festival of Contemporary Music. But prejudices have always existed. It’s never too late to fix them.

The series Caminos de la música, directed by Pilar Pérez Solano, included a performance by Cassadó Duo, composed of cellist Damián Martínez and Marta Moll herself.

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