The trial of a newspaper’s editor for harassing and publishing rape photo of ‘La Manada’ victim: “You went to fuck”

“Look girl. I do not believe you. Joyful you didn’t say “no” at any time. And indeed, as stated in the sentence, they didn’t rape youA week later, in April 2018, the Court of Navarra condemned ‘La Manada’ for sexual abuse, not rape in 2018, the director of the court far-right newspaper ‘La Tribuna de Cartagena’ published an article that discredited the young woman who was brutally assaulted by five Sevillians during the Sanfermins of 2016.

José Sánchez, a 58-year-old Valencian sitting on the dock this Friday, under the pseudonym “Marcos Larrazábal”, accompanied his article with the following statements: A photo taken by members of ‘La Manada’ during the rape, according to the prosecution and the special prosecution carried out by the victim. In this image, the young woman was admitted to have been harassed by José Ángel Prenda, whom the Supreme Court eventually convicted, along with four other members of the group. 15 years in prison for sexually abusing her.

forbidden picture

Next to that frame, “especially insulting” According to the prosecutor, it was included in the summary of the case and that the Audiencia de Navarra prohibited its spread. The defendant also released his personal data, including the girl herself. your name, surname, identity and which university you study at.

In her article, she described the young woman as “drunk” and wrote: “Now you wanted to experience a woman’s freedom, which is talked about with gender ideology.”

This Friday, criminal court No. 2 in Cartagena (Murcia) celebrates the case against the director of the online newspaper. being accused of a crime revealing secrets and the other against moral integrity. The victim, represented by prosecutor and attorney Teresa Hermida, is seeking a six-year prison sentence for him.

Anonymous insults to the victim

“As a result of her article, the victim received numerous anonymous messages over the internet. (insults, threats, photo montages…)affecting his mood and psychological state and suffering widespread anxiety“, the prosecutor concludes in the briefing that CASO ABIERTO has access to.

The accused “provided confidential data to several people who accessed the website. affected a victim’s privacy‘, says the Public Ministry.

“Serrano your body asked you”

Not only that, he also included statements that questioned and victimized the young woman who was attacked, in her publication: “Going to a hotel with five guys isn’t for playing cards.. You wanted to be cool and have one women’s liberation experience now one of the most talked about or even recommended gender ideology”; or: “You were so drunk you decided to have sex with five shitty thugs. But you fucked, nobody forced you, you did it because serrano your body asked you“.

The defendant pleads not guilty and the group assures that he did not know that the release of the rape victim’s data was prohibited.

According to the report submitted by the victim’s lawyer, the accused said, “He is not satisfied with the above, publicly accepted in an interview given to another digital medium He was the one who leaked the image young woman’s sexual nature”, the same thing propagated by other men virtual herd Those who attacked and questioned the young woman in these years from different provinces of Spain. Some of these men have already been convicted.

Threatened to leak the video

In that interview, the director of ‘La Tribuna de Cartagena’ also “threatened to leak the full video of the rape in Pamplona. for all Spain to see“Victim’s lawyer adds.

Suspect denies the facts and argues that it is limited to “publishing data and facts”. already found on various websites.publicly available and accessible to any user.” gang rape victim data.

As experts confirm, the young woman who was attacked by ‘La Manada’ was “forced to undergo psychological treatment, drop out of university education and even leave to live abroad for more than three months” due to its publication.

Source: Informacion


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