When to change oil: before winter or after? Expert answer

Question from the forum “Behind the wheel” – we answer them from time to time:

– When is it better to change the oil in the engine: before winter or after?

– If the mileage of the car on this oil in the winter season exceeded 5-7 thousand km, it is better to replace it before the winter. In the summer, oil breakdown was indeed accelerated by high temperatures and engine loads.

With low mileage or if the car is not used in winter, it is advisable to change the oil in the spring to fully meet the high summer loads.

During the winter, even with short runs, the oil suffers from dilution with unburnt fuel and is saturated with moisture.

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  • It is necessary to save on motor oil reasonably and carefully. Neither a rarer replacement nor the use of an unknown product is categorically appropriate here. You can read here what else you should not save on.
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