CaixaBank approved as first bank to join mortgage scheme

Board of Directors Caixabank confirmed this thursday participation The bank’s new measures mortgage support with difficulties State It was approved last Tuesday after negotiating during the Two months As the bank and its vice president, Nadia Calviño, explained on Tuesday, La Caixa Foundation and Must so it happens first when making a commitment to implement the plan.

“We main stakeholders inside support society as a whole, and in particular our customers in difficulties. We have always done it, we do it today and we will continue to do it in the future because commitment and duty to contribute economic and social welfare President José Ignacio Goirigolzarri used the term “country” in a memo. more active in the granting of aid Good Practices Code for restructuring of mortgages to vulnerable customers in effect since 2012Together 35% of 62,526 operations Industry-wide approved by the end of 2021.

“CaixaBank is a very strong position continue to help families and businesses, and the impact of the economic downturn more can be produced temperateWanting to underline the role of banks in the economy and society, CEO Gonzalo Gortázar also said: basic social function“.

The bank claimed that “deeply social profession” reflected in three areas: help customers with difficulties (improvement of conditions 360,000 mortgage since the previous crisis and multiple confirmations 27,000 donations payment of the house to pay the mortgage), financial participation (with office network and cashiers More comprehensive commitment not to abandon the population where there is only one bank) and social enterprises (including dividends to the La Caixa Foundation, for which he funds his social work).

Likewise, he underlined that he provided during the covid epidemic. 500,000 moratorium in the payment of mortgages and consumer loans, and Forgave the rent of 4,800 householdsas well as this account of a park 12,800 social housing. He reminded that he has more than one office. 2,200 municipalities And it’s the only bank. 470 population. By the end of this year, nearly 40 percent of the bank’s branches, population less than 10,000. It also offers a service 17 office cell phoneson duty 626 municipalities From Castilla y León, Valencian Community, La Rioja, Castilla-La Mancha, Community of Madrid and Andalusia.

regarding the care biggerThe bank underlined that it has implemented a dozen initiatives this year. 50 million investment euro. Among them, the creation of a team expert managers To the attention of these customers (currently more than 1,100 professionals and will reach 2,000 next year); the long hours cashier in offices; reinforcement of all Communication channels personal with these customers; 100% adaptation ATM parking for the use of laptops with a user-friendly system tailored to your needs; and its launch educational program Digital skills from over 3,000 training sessions.

Likewise, the entity, through its social bank, MicroBankEurope’s leading microfinance institution in Spain 1,243,332 projects have a social impact, more than the total amount 8,000 million eurosalmost contributed to the creation 293,000 jobs directly. Looking at the profile of the beneficiaries of the financing provided, 32% of the micro loans are for persons under 35 and approximately 50% of the operations are for women.

Regarding financial inclusion, the bank has been commission free social account For people with very low incomes and in a special vulnerability, this expands the benefits of the basic account. It currently has 357,000 customers with this product.

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