The French Parliament approves the inclusion of the right to abortion in the Constitution

A fundamental right for women is reinforced by constitutional value. this National Assembly voted in favor of the introduction this Thursday. right abortion on constitution France. Lawmakers this Thursday debated and reviewed a bill that asked the leftist opposition to add to the magna carta “no one’s right to voluntarily cease pregnancy and birth control”. A total of 337 deputies, whose absolute majority threshold is 289, voted in favor, while only 32 deputies voted against. Only 32 deputies voted against this bill, which now needs to be overcome by the conservative majority in the Senate.

Nothing is always guaranteed. “It is enough to have a political, economic or religious crisis to question women’s rights,” he said. Simone de Beauvoir The rapporteur of this law, the deputy of the disobedient left, Mathilde Panot, is part of NUPES, a progressive coalition of Disobedient France, the Socialist Party, greens and communists. Panot warned, “Women’s rights are at the forefront in the face of every reactionary shock.” This bill was discussed in the context of a “parliamentary niche” by Francia Insumisa (affiliated to Podemos) – the moment when the opposition could put the law to a vote.

In addition to including abortion in the Constitution, another media bill was to be considered in Parliament this afternoon: banning bullfights on French soil. However, given the large number of amendments (over 500) that the opposition has submitted against this bill, the disobedient left group announced this Thursday afternoon. removed from agenda. There would be no time to vote before midnight, which is the maximum time for insumis to put their laws to a vote.

Precedent of the US Supreme Court

“No one can predict the future. The introduction of the right to abortion and birth control in the Constitution is merely an evocation of the horror we feel at the heavy blows that women are subjected to. women’s rights abroadIn her speech this morning, Panot insisted that she submit the bill. The fact that abortion was given a constitutional value has been a much-debated measure in French politics since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in June to open the door for federal states to ban voluntary termination of pregnancy.

Another very similar law, put forward in this case by a lawmaker close to President Emmanuel Macron, was scheduled to come to Parliament from next Monday, but could eventually be withdrawn from the parliamentary agenda. Justice Minister √Čric Dupond-Moretti supported the left’s proposal. “More than necessary at these busy times”. The votes of Macronist representatives (about 250) were key to approval.

Right and far right profile

produces abortion consensus in French politics. They support him from the far right. Sailor LePen on the left, Macron passing through the center and the Republican on the right. In one of Lepenism’s usual balancing exercises on these issues, the majority of the deputies, National Regrouping voted against, abstained from, or did not participate in the vote. In response, Le Pen last week offered to include in the magna carta: Veil LawHe Legalized abortion in 1974. Representatives of the Los Republicos (affiliated to the PP) took a similar course, finding such a measure unhelpful, as they understood that abortion was not threatened in France.

Despite being accepted in the parliament, the right to abortion is still in parliament and awaits a legal action. full of obstacles Before it was petrified in the Constitution. The first will be yours pass the senate, dominated by the Republicans. Abortion has been legal in France for 48 years and has been strengthened by several laws in recent years. Lawmakers approved the last of these in March. Extended from 12 weeks to 14 weeks the maximum duration of a woman wishing to have an abortion. Despite this, many French women, especially those who have had a pregnancy close to the legal limit, find it difficult to terminate their pregnancies in both public and private hospitals. It is even estimated that around 2,000 people continue to go abroad, to Spain or the Netherlands, to exercise this right.

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