Combining the best traditional chocolate INFORMATION

Christmas is coming and another year from INFORMATION we would like to bring a portion of “terreta” in gastronomic format for our readers to enjoy this Christmas dates.

So, next Sunday, December 4, the copy will also be accompanied by a copy. Indispensable traditional product on the tables of Alicante homes during this month: a Marcos Toned chocolate. This company from Alicante has a history of over 200 years and makes its chocolates in an artisanal way. Marcos Tonda has a chocolate tradition since 1793, with its origins dating back two centuries, when Juan Tonda Lloret started it. Make the chocolate by hand.

If there is one thing that defines the brand, it is the commitment to the brand. quality, the flavor and tradition of their chocolate. use, always best raw materials originates from the highest quality as well as the originality of all its concepts, from flavors to packaging.

a gastronomic delight

Pure, milk, white, soluble chocolate… countless varieties for every taste and palate. There are several lines for Marcos Tonda Chocolate lovers: traditional, artisan, gourmet, deli or premium. All of them are handmade and made from the highest quality raw materials.

Definitely, Little big pleasures to give, share, or give yourself the respect you deserve during this month of December. On Sunday, December 4, taste with INFORMACIÓN newspaper, one of the best chocolates made in La Vila Joiosa.

Source: Informacion


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