Twitter offices Brussels they are empty. Separation of two top executives of the company Europe It has confirmed the complete shutdown of its branch, as reported by the Financial Times on Thursday. This closure is particularly European Union (EU), afraid of it, with Elon Musk is ahead, social network stop following the rules privacy Y security Founded by the online community club.

Insiders told the British news site that Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa, responsible for enforcing Twitter’s digital policy in Europe, have left Twitter. platform in the last week. It is not known whether they were fired or resigned after the company’s new owner gave an ultimatum to its employees to adhere to a “culture of overwork”. The company is currently estimated to have around 2,700 employees worldwide; that’s less than half of the 7,500 employees it had just a month ago.

Both executives have led Twitter’s efforts in recent years to comply with various EU laws, starting with the law that obliges these companies to respect the privacy of their users. DSApioneer law passed last October big technology to be more transparent and limit hate speechamong other measures.

Concern in the EU

The lack of staff at Twitter’s Brussels office worries EU officials, who fear problems with compliance with EU law. And other executives and social networking staff members at its key European headquarters have already been fired in the first wave of layoffs that Musk encouraged. actually this thursday European Commission It will release figures showing Twitter is deteriorating in line with disinformation codes, other sources pointed to the FT.

“If you want to detect and act effectively, disinformation and propaganda requires that resource,” he told the FT. Vera Jourova, Vice President of the EU. “I expect Twitter to fully respect EU law and fulfill its commitments, especially in the context of Russia’s war on disinformation. Twitter has been a very useful partner in combating disinformation and illegal hate speech, and that should not change.” Many of these managers were responsible for meeting with European officials to discuss how to comply with the legislation approved by Twenty-seven and thus comply with EU standards.

Layoffs and staff layoffs are not exclusive to Europe. Labor regulation promoted United States of America leaving the key departments of the platform without personnel, opening the door to problems in the functioning of the social network.