European Parliament accuses FIFA of “seriously damaging the integrity of football”

this European Parliament warned this Thursday the Fifa seriously damaged its image and integrity. Football world” and he thought that corruption within this entity was at the center of the debate about allowing Qatar to celebrate its 19th Anniversary. world football 2022“pervasive, systemic, and deeply entrenched”.

The decision on the human rights situation in Qatar in the context of the tournament, which was approved this Thursday by a full show of hands, begins with regret. “Death of thousands of migrant workers and injuries sustained by workers during World Cup preparations” and asks “accounts given” by them.

Members of the European Parliament agree that FIFA is a “global compensation to workers’ familiesas compensation for the working conditions they suffered”; Qatar has denied that specific funding is required for this, despite previous requests from various human rights organizations.

Although Eurochamber Applauds the fund launched by Qatar For victims of wage theft, note that it did not become operational until 2018, excluding millions of workers and their families.

Condemning the “lack of transparency and the apparent absence of a responsible risk assessment” in awarding the championship to Qatar in 2010, the text calls for a thorough investigation into the deaths and allegations of migrant workers in the construction of the stadiums. that victims of human rights violations have legal means to seek justice and accountability.

Qatar says European Parliament needs to review how Gathering data on deaths and injuries during World Cup trials, after months of cross-charges about the number of people who lost their lives; While The Guardian cites a total of 6,500 people, Qatar frequently refers to 50 dead in 2020 alone.

In subsequent points, the text acknowledges “reforms initiated by the Qatari authorities to address the governance of labor migration” or “strengthening workers’ voices and social dialogue”.

“These changes have already improved the living and working conditions of hundreds of thousands of workers, (but) many workers still do not benefit They are fleeing from these reforms and facing barriers to accessing these improvements and retaliating from their employers.

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