Unions call shoe industry to strike on 1 December

Inadequate approach. This is what the unions considered regarding the latest proposal submitted by employers in the national shoe agreement negotiations on wage issues; Officially called for a one-day strike on 1 December Called 16,500 workers from the state of Alicante. While CC OO and UGT justify the mobilization on the grounds that they will not consent to the loss of purchasing power, employers describe the call as inconsistent.

Tension rises in footwear industry collective bargaining talks, and always with salary increase demands as the main point of contention. While the scope of the agreement is national, the province of Alicante is the region where this industry has the greatest weight, with strong production centers in Elche, Elda and Petrer, which has resulted in their inclusion in this region as well. stage the discontent of the union side, with a concentration held in front of the headquarters of the Valencian Footwear Entrepreneurs Association (Avecal) in late October.

Both CC OO and UGT, during this time, as an indispensable measure, A salary review clause that allows to equalize the increase in the CPIso that workers do not lose their purchasing power. In addition, other supplementary considerations, such as reducing the working day to twelve hours, completing temporary incapacity from the fourth month, increasing the distance bonus or arranging a non-permanent contract.

Initially the positions were far apart, but the Spanish Federation of the Footwear Industries (FICE) and the Spanish Association of Component and Machinery Companies (AEC) for Footwear and Leather Products proposed a convergence in 8 increments at the last meeting. % from January 2023 and with a commitment to increase for the next four years A revision of the actual CPI capped at 2.5%They confirm that this would mean an increase of between 12.5% ​​and 15% over that time period, depending on the behavior of inflation. But the main point of contention is in the CPI section, because unions are not willing to accept any ceiling.


Thus, highly tense employers and union centers closed the meeting at the Confederal Mediation and Arbitration Service (SIMA) without agreement, prompting a call for a one-day strike for Thursday next week.

Ismael Senent, general secretary of the UGT in La Muntanya, Vinalopó and Vega Baja, complained about something he blamed on businessmen for the collapse of the negotiating table. In his words, “they’re not giving up, and what’s clear to us is that, We will not allow the workers to pay the price of the crisis once again.“We’re talking about an industry where wages are already very low, and inflation couldn’t have driven it any lower,” he said.

Miguel Ángel Cerdán, responsible for the CC OO negotiation to delineate the borders of Vinalopó and Vega Baja, similarly states: “At the mediation meeting we offered to make a final attempt to close a deal, but there is no way around it.” . The union representative reminds that several years passed without a salary increase and warns that “we will not let the workers get out of this poverty”.

José María Escrigas, spokesperson for business representation at Avecal’s negotiation and component, emphasizes that “we respect the call to strike because the unions are within their legitimate rights, but we understand that this action is not consistent.” In this sense, he underlines that the negotiation area is not closed and said, “It is our intention to continue the dialogue until an agreement is reached that will benefit all parties.“We think the proposal we put on the table is good, but we are still open to negotiations,” he adds, in the employers’ opinion.

The unions announced that they will hold meetings in the coming days to motivate the workers and explain the points they disagree with, so that the strike day will be successful. If there is no rapprochement from there, new mobilizations can be considered.

Source: Informacion


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