Concern about your health Sarah Carbonero. As Lecturas explains, three years after the journalist was diagnosed with an illness, he had to undergo emergency surgery at the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra. malignant tumor in the ovary. According to the publication, the old Iker Casillas He went for a checkup on Monday and although no further details are currently known about the intervention, doctors decided to urgently hospitalize him.


  • Sara Carbonero hospitalized and operated on urgently

He is always accompanied by his mother Goyi Arévalo, his close friend Isabel Jiménez, and Sara’s sister Irene, who takes care of their children Martín and Lucas. In Qatar to broadcast the Football World Cup with RTVE, Casillas wanted to give up his professional commitments to return to Spain. they decided to be there with their little ones and their ex during these sensitive moments, but in the end it was best for both the kids and the public to normalize the situation and move on with their plans.

But despite the thousands of kilometers separating them from the Real Madrid exporter He is aware of how Sara is and the media influence it has caused. that the emergency operation was made public. Iker, who was very angry, broke his silence. a message on twitter He didn’t hesitate to attack the media for not respecting his ex-wife’s privacy, not taking into account the damage the headlines could have done to both the hero and those around him (we’re guessing his children):

“The race to report. The race to report even if it is health. The race to report even if there is health and not to think about the person concerned. The race to break the damn news and not repair it. They also harm their environment. Pity. NEWS” for covering Sara’s operation with the article. she was angry.