Apple is working on a new product category for mixed and augmented reality audiences. virtual environment of three-dimensional (3D) content, its own metaverse.

Apple prepares its first arrival augmented reality helmet (XR) will be a range product with a price ranging from Between $2,000 and $3,000As Bloomberg analyst and journalist Mark Gurman noted in his ‘Power On’ newsletter.

This price will be justified by the use of processors, as well as by its configuration. apple Silicon M2, will include more front camera and would use high resolution screens. It will work with the operating system designed by the company. realityOS.

Works at Apple content creation For this product, as G├╝rman points out, based on job offers from the company and changes in the teams responsible for developing this viewer. This includes an immersive video service to be played in virtual reality.

A proposal in the Technology Development Group (TDG for English abbreviation) gathers the company’s work to implement. Solutions that interact with existing apps and services such as Siri assistant, Finder or Shortcuts.

Another, collected by Gurman, points to the creation of a virtual world, which he describes as “”.3D world of mixed reality”, Following the meta’s example of the metaverse, but without using this same name directly.

Apple is expected to start production of the XR helmet (model N301) in March 2023, with a view to launch before summer. would be a first new product category for content such as videos, video games or communication services for the brand.

Apple also prepares a more avid audiencein this case, a third model, the N602, which consists of augmented reality (model N421) and augmented reality, but lighter.