Deformed bodies and slow and erratic movements. This is not about members of a pack of undead, pigeons. In particular, English pigeons. Appearance is a mysterious disease what’s this Infecting pigeons has triggered alarms in the UK.


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about a highly contagious virus It affects pigeons on Jersey, an island of England in the English Channel, and turns them into “zombie pigeons”According to the news of the British newspaper The Sun.

this virus is spreading so fast It has activated all alarms in case it spreads to the rest of the world. birds from the UK. this symptom what makes this disease look like something out of a horror movie: crooked and deformed necks, extreme thinness, erratic and slow movements, and the inability to fly.

Warning in the UK for the emergence of ‘zombie pigeons’ with twisted necks and erratic movements Sun

This condition, known as pigeon paramyxovirus (PMV) or Newcastle disease, extremely serious and deadly. In addition, animals show other symptoms such as green stool, paralysis of the limbs, tremors, or an unwillingness to eat or move.

“In recent weeks there has been an increase in the number of ground pigeons entering the JSPCA Animal Sanctuary, many of them with neurological damage and symptoms such as: shrug or circling“, a spokesperson for the refuge located on the island of Jersey explained to British media.

According to the same sources, these symptoms belong to a viral disease called pigeon paramyxovirus, which affects the nervous and digestive systems of these animals. Y Its appearance or suspicion in captive birds should be reported to the authorities and may affect not only pigeons but also doves or poultry.

British pigeons ‘turning into zombies’ due to mysterious disease Sun

There is no cure for the virus that causes this disease, which is spread by feces and other secretions. ‘zombie pigeons’ diagnosed with paramyxovirus are being euthanized to prevent new infections.

Despite zombie pigeons are not dangerous and this disease is not transmitted to humans, British authorities have warned their citizens to avoid contact, because handling these birds can cause conjunctivitisand report suspicious situations immediately.

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