Family Office as an important tool for protecting family assets

It is the concern of all business families to protect, sustain and expand the legacy of family businesses so that they can be passed on to future generations. This concern intensifies in times of economic instability like the present. family property is subject to much greater risk.

An important tool to achieve this goal protection of family assetsfamily office or more commonly known as family officeIt is understood as the organization that manages the family assets jointly and professionally according to the purpose, needs and interests of the family it works for.

The family office, in its very beginnings, is often at the core of the family business and does not function as a standalone platform. But as a family business grow and generate incomean independent family office is recommended if more generations step in with interests unrelated to the family business or if the business in question is transferring.

Inmaculada Pascual, director of the PwC Alicante office

this The advantages of a family office are manySuch as achieving synergies in costs and centralization of services, reducing risk as it allows diversification of investments, access to more and better investments, aligning the interests of different members of the family and how to achieve it. a higher cost effectiveness. Likewise, in many cases the family office is also recommendation acts as a supporter of family members or family protocol and legacy.

The creation or improvement of a family office begins by defining: What is the family’s purpose and vision?what is your needs and areas of interestBesides your investor and risk profile, the family office is designed to work in different key areas to ensure it works correctly: operations, staffing needs, technology, advisors, management and legal and tax perspective.

María Sanchíz is responsible partner for family businesses and high net worth individuals at PwC.

this legal-financial structure the taxation of dividends and capital gains from investments, both for natural person partners and for the family office itself, with regard to the family office, especially Wealth Tax and Inheritance and Gift Tax. The Valencian Community is one of the most paid communities for both. wealth tax (and more, taking into account the last tax increase announced by the Community government effective for 2023), particularly important, for example, Inheritance and Gift Tax, even partially in the family business.

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