from choosing an engine to monetization issues

Each of us, if not playing, then saw adult games on the Internet. Many are sure that this is a goldmine – know for yourself how to strap sultry beauties in various poses, tie everything together with a simple plot and put it on Steam. But is it really that simple? What developers of erotic games are dealing with. And is it worth it?

We decided to investigate this issue and collected the most common issues that developers of erotic games need to solve. These problems sometimes complement each other. So, if you want to put the picture together and feel respect (or pity) for the developers, happy reading.

Who makes games 18+ and on which engines

To create erotic games there is no need to download a top secret game engine on the dark web – most products are made on popular platforms used in mainstream games – Unity, Unreal Engine and Flash. Many projects are assembled in RPG Maker, which jRPG fans are sure to be familiar with. But especially “followers” gathered a niche engine Ren’Py. It is tailor-made for creating visual novels and has all the necessary tools.

Engine stats on one of the popular services for clarityEngine stats on one of the popular services for clarity

Who makes these games? It’s simple – ordinary developers, no different from those involved in the indie sector. There are relatively well-known established teams (DarkCookie, NLT, Sad Crab), as well as solo enthusiasts who often rely on freelance programmers and artists.

At first glance, developing adult games is an easy task, but pitfalls emerge soon after the process starts.

Have you played erotic games?

You can’t put that in your wallet.

It is quite difficult to find a freelancer willing to take on such a project. Most artists, especially abroad, value their reputation and are in no rush to take on dubious assignments. Believe me, if someone suggested to make a 3D model of the anal door (in the game)