“The gentlemen’s club has turned into a real business” – the journalist told how Rockstar Games has changed

Well-known Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier spoke with more than 20 current and former Rockstar Games employees, before publishing a voluminous material about the sixth installment of GTA and the company itself. Details of the new Grand Theft Auto can be found in a separate news article, but here we’ve rounded up the key points related to Rockstar and its collaborators:

  • Company morale has risen noticeably – now at the highest level. Rockstar has gone from a men’s club to a real company;
  • The pay gap between men and women narrowed. Contractors were equated with full-time employees and transferred to a full-time position;
  • All processing is strictly controlled. Managers who misbehaved with employees were fired;
  • Since the start of the pandemic, workers have received masks and medical supplies;
  • To keep the development of the new GTA on track, the company hired more manufacturers. Overall, it had a good effect on development.

According to one of the employees Schreyer spoke to, the changes at Rockstar should have a positive effect on developer recruiting and retention in the company. However, as the journalist points out, some employees are not sure that the company will be able to continue making hits in its current form. Others do not know what the Grand Theft Auto series should look like in modern conditions and are trying to figure out how to make games in the updated Rockstar.