How to earn coins quickly in Hamster Kombat – guide

The goal of every player in Hamster Kombat is to earn as many coins as possible. Simply tapping the hamster only has an effect at an early stage. You can then earn passive income, achieve special achievements and complete various challenges. In this guide we have collected current tips that will help you get the maximum number of gold coins in a short time.

We have a separate article dedicated to Hamster Kombat itself. It explores the reasons for its popularity and the likelihood that you can monetize your in-game successes.

How to earn coins quickly in Hamster Kombat – guide

Which cards should you upgrade first?

Once you understand all the basic mechanics, you need to choose which cards to invest in. Below we have collected the most effective per category.

Legal section (legalization):

  • UAE License (licensed in the United Arab Emirates);
  • License Europe (licensed in Europe);
  • License Asia (licensed in Asia);
  • License South America (licensed in South America);
  • Licensed Australia (licensed in Australia);
  • Licensed North America (licensed in North America).

PR&Team section (PR and team):

  • Security team (security team);
  • IT team (IT team);
  • UX and UI team (web design team);
  • Influencers (opinion leaders);
  • Risk management team (risk management team);
  • Anonymous transaction ban (ban on anonymous transactions).

Markets section:

  • Meme coins (meme-based cryptocurrency);
  • P2P trading (purchase without intermediaries);
  • Margin trading (margin trading);
  • Prediction markets (prediction market);
  • Derivatives (derivative financial instruments);
  • Web3 integration (Web3 integration);
  • Fan tokens (fantasy tokens, football club cryptocurrency).

Section Special:

There are no clear best options here. Choose the one you need to get achievements.

General tips for increasing profits in Hamster Kombat

  • Log into the game once every two hours. This way you can take your income with you, and the hamster continues to work on cryptocurrency. Otherwise the process stops.
  • Guess words encoded in Morse code. Challenges are updated daily and will give you one million coins. We have a separate guide dedicated to solving these puzzles.
  • Complete achievements with combinations of different cards. As a reward you will receive another 5 million.
  • Don’t save, invest. Large amounts in your account are of no use if they do not generate more money. Buy more and more tickets.
  • Use the link to find new friends who will accept your invitation. Many rewards are tied to user acquisition.
  • Buy a Telegram Premium subscription. Yes, this is a paid service, but it allows you to fivefold your earnings from many actions.

Source: VG Times


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