Matvienko described Russia as an alternative to the West 06:56

Russia is an alternative to the dead-end path of the West. President of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko wrote about this: blog On Russia Day.

According to him, the world is now at a crossroads.

“What is happening in the cultural and spiritual life of the West leaves no doubt that it is drifting towards “liberation” from everything that makes man precisely human, that is, a thinking, feeling person, a being. It creates, creates, not just consumers,” the senator wrote.

He noted that Russia is one of the few countries that “represent and demonstrate an alternative to the dead-end path of the West.” According to the politician, it is the Russian Federation that most actively and consistently opposes the line of “dehumanization”, fighting for the preservation of civilization based on the fundamental values ​​of humanism: the good of man, his right to life and comprehensive development, the superiority of good and the rejection of evil, justice, mutual cooperation, friendly and strong family.

“What Dostoyevsky characterized as the universal human instinct inherent in the Russian people,” he said.

Matvienko also emphasized that Russia successfully solves problems that are important for the entire world community and humanity as a whole. This is confirmed by the new geopolitical reality and the fact that the Russian Federation is not alone in the struggle for a just world order, the minister added.

Before that, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov statedThat the acute phase of the foreign policy conflict between the Russian Federation and the West is in full swing.

Putin before in the name Russia is a unique civilization.

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Source: Gazeta


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