from an aquarium and a coffee machine to system units in the style of The Callisto Protocol and Dota 2

Who hasn’t dreamed of a cool computer? Sure, it lights up, can display all kinds of images, and is rumored to be able to play any game. However, sometimes it is better not to think too much about your appearance, otherwise you can get a completely bizarre result. We have put together a selection of fifteen special suitcases, some of which are even easy to purchase.

Case table

Lian Li DK-05F – that’s the name of the cabinet model – is actually not so strange as it is an excellent option for most gamers. Both a table and a full-fledged PC – two in one! It is true that there are certain problems in this regard: for example, when pouring tea you risk turning gray, and the price leaves much to be desired.

Tea building

However, the Reddit professional doesn’t think spilling tea on your computer is a big deal, so he immediately took out all the water cooling, turning the system unit into a small tea room. I wonder if you can drink this?

Body coffee machine

There are many coffee lovers around the world, and even more among the players. How fortunate that they have finally come up with a housing with a built-in coffee machine – and you don’t have to look far! Of course, it is difficult to imagine how to clean it, but it seems so small compared to drinking coffee on a hot day without stopping to go to the kitchen.

LEGO suitcase

A LEGO castle directly on your computer – sounds cool! And no, we are not talking about the next part of LEGO Harry Potter, but about a real building set that can be rebuilt, supplemented and even played if you get bored in the virtual world. In any case, an original use, certainly a feast for the eyes.

Would you like a case like this?

Vintage suitcase

If you’re from the 19th century at heart, then you’ll love this case. Not only does it have a built-in clock, but this PC is also made entirely of wood – and of course hangs on the wall, as a real clock should. A charming solution, the only question is how functional it is.

Aquarium building

When they talk about an aquarium on a computer, an association immediately arises with some kind of cool water cooling. This isn’t entirely true here, as this is literally an aquarium inside a computer – the one with fish. It is noted that this body, called Metalfish Y2 Aquarium, is prepared even for the most unpredictable situations, such as leakage, and the fish even have heated water.

Despite this, it is still not recommended to use the top water tank; it is better to place the pots there.

Hamster cage

Reddit continues to amaze: this time, a user going by the nickname 1YardLoss created a computer in… a hamster cage. We don’t think it’s a good idea to put a real animal in there, considering they like to chew on wires and anything similar, but from a design perspective the idea is commendable.

Housing in the style of Hayao Miyazaki

Fans of Studio Ghibli will certainly appreciate this cover: it contains all the references to well-known cartoons. There was also some greenery and pots of plants to certainly maintain the atmosphere. True, it is scary to think about how to remove everything from dust.

Housing for beer lovers

Ever seen a PC with a beer tap? Now we’ve seen it. A building with real beer, where you can play your favorite games and relax after a week of hard work. The design, of course, is quite large, but the advantages outweigh all the disadvantages.

Backpack body

MSI has come up with a complete computer here… behind your shoulders. It was focused on VR games and everything was done for the convenience of the players themselves – now nothing would hinder the movement. However, it is difficult to say what the risks are in the event of an accidental fall, not falling on your back and not specifically making the game with this computer last.

Tormentor from Dota 2