“Pirates of the Caribbean 6” How Johnny Depp Should Return Revealed

Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow Returns in Upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Disney

While the future of Pirates of the Caribbean is still uncertain, fans are hoping for Johnny Depp’s return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6. With Depp’s victory in the trial of Amber Heard and thanks to franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s recent comments that all is not lost , viewers look forward to Jack Sparrow’s return. Because of this, fans have come up with various theories about how Johnny Depp’s character might return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and what adventures await him.

Some viewers speculate that Jack Sparrow may return in the new movie to search for the Holy Grail. It is believed that the pirate will again want to find the source of eternal youth, and therefore will look for this artifact and even fight against the legendary Fisher King. Netizens also think that Davy Jones, who reappeared at the end of the fifth film, may be seen in Pirates of the Caribbean 6. It is possible that the villain wants to take revenge on Jack Sparrow, and this, in turn, will become the basis for the new adventure of the hero Johnny Depp. Finally, fans feel that Depp should appear in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, if only to wrap up the story of Jack Sparrow in his latest epic adventure and send the pirate to a well-deserved rest.

There were also fans among the fans who would love to see the return of the Kraken (killed in the third film) or Hector Barbossa (who died in the fifth film). One internet user admitted that the only thing he would like to see in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is a rematch between Jack Sparrow and the Kraken. Another commentator said that if the authors managed to bring Barbossa back to life, he’d love to revisit the adventures of two pirates in a tense relationship with many disagreements.

There are fans and more unusual theories. For example, someone wants Jack Sparrow to be the captain of the Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Another fan commented that he wouldn’t mind seeing Johnny Depp’s hero gather his pirate crew the way the Avengers from the Marvel movies. Also, viewers would love to see the adventures of young Jack Sparrow in a sort of prequel to the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

It’s worth noting that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 doesn’t even have an estimated release date yet. It is also not known whether the Walt Disney company will eventually return Johnny Depp in the sixth installment. If this happens, the producers will have to work very hard as Depp himself stated during the trial with Amber Heard that even for $300 million he would not be returning to Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

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