Apple shared details on proprietary dual USB-C charging

Apple talked about how power is distributed in the new 35-watt charger presented at WWDC. Related information seen on the company’s support page.

According to Apple’s website, in most cases a total of 35W of power will be shared equally between the two connected devices unless one of them has lower power requirements like the Apple Watch or AirPods.

Therefore, when connecting a laptop and an iPhone or iPad, each device receives 17.5 watts. The same power is distributed when connecting the iPhone and iPad. Charging your MacBook or iPhone and Apple Watch or AirPods simultaneously provides up to 27.5W for your laptop or smartphone and up to 7.5W for your watch or headset.

During the WWDC conference, Apple introduced two types of 35W chargers, which are priced at $ 60 (about 3.4 thousand rubles).

The standard version of the adapter is available in all countries where Apple is present. The device is equipped with a removable plug. The compact version of the charger is only available in the USA, Canada, China, Japan and some other countries using US Type-A sockets.

Buying a new charger from Apple in Russia will not work – in early March, the company announced that it has stopped selling all products in the Russian Federation.

Formerly saidHe reported that the chain of C-stores selling Apple equipment in Russia was closed.

Source: Gazeta


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