The Elder Scrolls 6 open world found in new video

The Elder Scrolls 6

Open world long-awaited action The Elder Scrolls 6 fans found in the new video fans and shocked all fans of the franchise.

Bethesda Game Studios delighted and intrigued all of its fans in 2018 when it showed the first teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls 6. Since then, fans have not received any official information about the upcoming promotion. However, in a recent video from Bethesda, gamers unexpectedly discovered the open world of TES 6. Fans spotted a familiar location in the new trailer for a completely different game from the company – starfield In one of the moments of the video, there was a frame where the main character is standing next to a mountain range in a spacesuit. Fans of the company decided that this is the open world of The Elder Scrolls 6, as the scenery is almost identical to the frames from the 2018 teaser.

The shot from the Starfield trailer shows not only the mountains, but also the vegetation, including trees with green leaves. At the same time, many players did not immediately notice this due to the specific color balance. The teaser for The Elder Scrolls 6 also showed mountains covered in trees and grass. The mountain scenery, although different, is very close. The likeness of the fans even in the air. It is identical in hue and shape to the clouds. Now fans are sure they got to see the planet Nirn. It develops the events of the entire series The Elder Scrolls.

Some gamers suggested that the developers of The Elder Scrolls 6 simply didn’t have the time to create a real open world for their game, so they used Starfield developments in the teaser. Whether they can visit Nirn in the upcoming space action will become clear in early 2023. The release is planned for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Game Bomb


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