The cutest and sexiest Gadget cosplay

Gadget is a character from Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers. This charming mouse was remembered by all children of the 90s. Today she often appears in fan culture. In this article we have collected a bright Gadget cosplay from the most beautiful girls.

In fact, our heroine’s name is not “Gadget”, but “Gadget Wrench” (in the original Gadget Hackwrench). This cute mouse is a talented inventor, and the devices she created help the team fight the cat Fat Belly and other criminals. For those who grew up in the 90s, Gadget became one of the main sex symbols of childhood. It’s no surprise that cosplay girls regularly undress her. Below are examples of this approach.

Helen Stifler

Although Helen has a lot of loyal fans, lately the girl rarely pleases cosplay enthusiasts with new work. However, her early sculptures are still admired today. A prime example is the charming Gadget.

Kalinka Fox

Anyone with at least a little bit of interest in cosplay knows Kalinka Fox (aka Christina Fink). Gadget is one of her early works. The girl, according to tradition, did not limit herself to the image from the cartoon, but slightly undressed her heroine. Photographer – Milligan.


Last year, Iris Fedorova cosplayed Lola Bunny. It turned out to be just fine, and the girl’s fans began to persuade her to bring Gadget’s image to life. Iris thought and agreed. Note that this is the latest photo set of our selection, it was recently released. Photographer – Olga Dubrovskaya.

Do you love gadgets?

Elena Smolich

Elena is one of the few who showed Gadget at work. The girl demonstrated how a mouse thinks about the concept of a new invention, makes a drawing on paper and then puts the idea into practice. This is what a feature film based on Chip and Dale would look like. Photographer – Nerina.

Nancy Novikova

Nancy showed what Gadget’s inventions look like. The result of her experiments was a full-fledged crossbow made of a pencil, a plunger and a comb … Even the most evil cat can not cope with a chipmunk armed with such a dangerous weapon. Photographer – Marina Bakalova.


Ksenia Plyakina loves to undress famous characters. Gadget was no exception. The girl showed her image both in clothes and without. Photographer – Vadim Bulatov.

Lie Chee

Incredibly cute Gadget cosplay created by Lie Chee. She doesn’t think of anything, but just eats cheese and shows off for the camera. But fans of the mouse should be totally happy with this image. Photographer Greed.

weird baby

Coquettish, cheerful, groovy – this is how Alena Seliverstova can be characterized. Not surprisingly, the image of Gadget suited her. Photographer – KeyDou.

Valeria Chimera

Usually Valeria makes cosplay on fatal beauties or brave warriors. But the girl could not pass Gadget. True, the image turned out to be a little more piquant than in the animated series.

Whose gadget did you like the most?

Source: VG Times


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