The authors of Skyrim showed a new game about survival in a creepy forest


The creators of the legendary game Skyrim showed fans their new project among the trolls about surviving in a haunted forest with monsters and other mythical creatures.

The seasoned game developers at Bethesda and other studios behind Skyrim and Fallout 4 have teamed up to create a new game, Among the Trolls. The industry veterans named their company Forbidden Studios and founded it in 2019. They just released the first trailer for the upcoming Among the Trolls. This is a story survival game. The player can choose a character – the girl Anna or the boy Alex. At about the age of 35, the hero leaves the US for the homeland of his ancestors in Finland. He wants to visit his grandparents and learn more about the culture and history of his people. After reaching a secluded hut in the forest, the hero does not find his relatives. They have disappeared and the forest, isolated from civilization, is full of various mythical creatures, including scary and dangerous trolls.

The authors of Skyrim in the first teaser only showed the forest in which the events will take place, and on the official page on Steam they published several gif animations and screenshots. Gamers can see various locations, a map, inventory, and craft menu, as well as the main character’s grandparents’ cabin. The developers say Among the Trolls will have all the usual survival mechanics, including hunger and crafting. Players will have to explore the forest and find out what is behind the mystical disappearance of his grandparents. At the same time, they are completely immersed in the virtual world thanks to modern graphics and refined sound. Will be in Among the Trolls and pumping. The hero learns Finnish magical powers: lukyu (luck), veki (magic), and sisu (steadfastness). Each of these options offers unique possibilities.

Under the Trolls of the authors of Skyrim will be released in Early Access on Steam. The release date will be announced later.

Source: Game Bomb


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