Actor Kirill Kyaro will be the host of the program on mental disorders

Epidemic series star Kirill Kyaro will host PSYCHO, a series of popular science programs about the most common mental disorders. The participants of the project will be patients who will explain their diagnosis and treatment methods, the presenter and experts will try to help them. This was reported to by the press service of the Doctor TV channel.

“To help a loved one who is facing a mental illness, it is extremely important to act correctly and be armed with verified information,” Kyaro said. Said. “Receiving news about the diagnosis can be disturbing, it is important not to be confused, to be free of fear and to examine the characteristics of the disease.”

PSYCHO will premiere on Doctor TV channel on May 21. The first issue will be devoted to depression. The authors and protagonists of the program will answer questions about how depression differs from depression, how it is diagnosed, and how effective modern therapy is. The next chapters will cover dementia, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia and other diseases.

Earlier, spoke about mental disorders Russian classics.

Source: Gazeta


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