You can download 7 games at once for free on Steam. Among them there is a shooter with a 95% rating

Steam is constantly being supplemented with free games. Recently, seven projects simultaneously appeared in the store, which gamers can download for free. These games include Symbiotic, Kandra The Moonwalker, Spacemancer, Be Funny Now!, World Seed, MYRNEscapes, and Desolate Shores.

Symbiotic is a first-person shooter with roguelike elements, in which the main character is an escaped convict who has stolen a unique weapon – a symbiote. During the passage it will mutate and be replenished with new abilities. The main task is to get out of the labyrinth on an alien planet. The project received 95% positive feedback at the time of writing.

You can add Symbiotic to your library here.

Kandra The Moonwalker is a 3D platform adventure game inspired by classic Nintendo 64 and PlayStation titles, including: