‘Harry Potter’ star agrees to star in new Harry Potter film on one condition

Harry Potter Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe

One of the protagonists of the series of films “Harry Potter” Tom Felton (Tom Felton) revealed the condition under which he agrees to star in the new film with Daniel Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe), who played the role of Harry Potter.

34-year-old Tom Felton is known to most viewers for the role of Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series. Felton recently revealed that he’s ready to reunite with Radcliffe in a new movie, but only on one condition. The actor said he and Daniel often discuss the possibility of starring in the same movie again. Next time, however, something has to change. Tom Felton thinks he should play the role of hero in the new film, while Daniel Radcliffe should get the role of villain. It is worth noting that in the films of the Harry Potter series, everything was the other way around. Radcliffe played the role of the hero Harry Potter, while Felton got the role of the villain Draco Malfoy.

Tom Felton is obviously not talking about the Harry Potter franchise, but about all the films in which the actors can meet. “We’re all talking about doing something again. Daniel and I often joke about the idea that when you two work together again, he’ll be the bad guy and I’ll be the hero,” the actor said. It’s worth noting that Radcliffe is no longer used to playing the role of negative characters. completion of Harry Potter, the actor starred in many films, some of which played the role of villain, such as Radcliffe played a negative character in Illusion of Deception 2 and the recent Lost City.

The last film in the great Harry Potter series came out in 2011. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson star in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Rumors often appear on the network about the continuation of Harry Potter with the same actors, but officially nothing is known about such projects yet.

Source: Game Bomb


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