Puig completes the restructuring of the Government: Friday, the last plenary session of the current Consell and the announcement of the changes this weekend

Execution timing changes in council seems to be increasingly defined. Generalitat chief Ximo Puig plans to announce this weekend’s change of government affecting Botànic’s socialist stake, so predictably Monday will host the inaugural ceremonies of the new ministers who will meet last year. of the legislature. There are movements in ministries in all pools. Health, Innovation and Financecurrently led by Ana Barceló, Carolina Pascual and Vicen Soler respectively, although it cannot be ruled out that the area of ​​Regional Policy is also involved, David Spain in front.

According to presidential sources, Palau’s ruling includes its eclipse tomorrow. Friday, Consell’s last plenary session with current composition. What is known for certain is that this will be the last such meeting of education ministers. Vincent MarzaAnnouncing his departure from the Government on Wednesday and replacing him with the current regional secretary of Culture and Sports, Rachel Blacksmith. It remains part of the Executive, unless the decree on the impeachment of the President is published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat (DOGV). However, this change in the ministry, headed by Compromis, will not be staged until early next week. The claim is that all openings, including the socialist ministers, are held as a whole.

Since the second Botànic launched in June 2019, only one change has occurred at Consell. Hector Illuecafrom Unides Podem, replacing Rubén Martínez Dalmau as Second Vice-President and Minister of Housing; A move made as a result of one of the crises recorded in the purple formation. In this way, the restructuring of the Valencian Government that Puig is ending is the first thing he will carry out at the beginning of the seven-year regional executive, as only certain substitutions have been made during this legislature and a half. Among them is that of Carmen Montón, who stepped into the Ministry of Health in June 2018. His post at the Branch Ministry was later occupied by the former mayor of Sax. Main Barcelonahas remained at the forefront of this field ever since. Barceló is precisely one of the key parts of the political committee movements that the Consell president has concluded.

resignation Manolo Mata As a socialist spokesman in the Valencian Parliament to focus on the legal defense of one of those investigated in the Azud case, businessman Jaime Febrer forces the Generalitat president and PSPV-PSOE leader to seek a replacement. And Barceló is one of those with the most votes to fill the position in principle. The current Minister of Health served as deputy spokesperson for the socialist parliamentary group in the last legislative term. In recent months, additionally, there have been speculations that the person chosen by Puig for Mayor of Alicante in the 2023 election may have that courage. Stand up to Carlos Mazón and Luis Barcala’s PPimproving results in the provincial capital.

What is clear is that, most likely, the government crisis that the Consel president is concluding will affect two councilors from Alicante, who are part of the socialist quota, so that, with the new appointments, some keys to the new leadership, though not yet defined, will be determined by the polls at the next may begin to become clear in the face of assignments.

Source: Informacion


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