Five games that used to be sold for money became free forever on Steam

In recent days, the digital Steam service has been replenished with five more free offers without a time limit. Five games switched to a completely free distribution model at once, including Hallowed Pumpkins, Tilebreaker, Brain Bait, Voice of the Wizard by Brett Farkas, and Islet Hell.

Hallowed Pumpkins is a first-person survival horror game set on a farm full of monsters. The game has a multiplayer in which two teams (one plays as monsters, the other as armed peasants) fight against each other. Previously, the project was sold for 165 rubles.

You can add Hallowed Pumpkins to your Steam library here.

Tilebreaker is an arcade game in which the player has to destroy blocks in the arena and defeat opponents. There are 20 unique levels and five bosses. Previously, the project was sold for 42 rubles.