the girl broke into the top of Reddit, playing “the main line in Minecraft.” It’s all about the dress

Usually cosplayers transform into their favorite characters, but the girl under M4STIFF decided to get more creative. Her new cosplay is not dedicated to the hero, but to “the main line in it “.

M4STIFF came up with a dress that mimics the game landscape. The head is decorated with a green wig with a flower, and the bottom of the dress is lava. The rule itself is written on the board:Don’t dig right under you“.

The model posted two posts on Reddit, which totaled more than 100 thousand pluses. One of the posts took first place in the gaming subreddit /games.

Lol, very creative!– aafrojoose2.

Incredibly original, great cosplay“- Abrahamlinkensphere.

ok, the design of this dress 10/10– Dude Sunflower.

I like this dress– Hay bag.

Earlier we wrote about the redditor Peep_cosplay, who detailed Isaac’s costume