‘Cardo’ is back in Atresplayer Premium in time lapse: “They let us do what we wanted”

Atresplayer Premium At the San Sebastián Festival, he showed off two major fiction bets for the coming months. Alongside ‘The Gypsy Bride’, which premiered on Sunday, September 25, the platform has also developed new details for the second season of the series. ‘Thistle’. series created by Ana Rujas Y claudia costafreda will return with new deliveries and a three-year time skip after receiving critical and public applause.

Ana Rujas will once again get into María’s skin, while other players will complete it. Diego Ibáñez, Ana Telenti, Clara Sans, Arrieta Villa, Nur Olabarría, Nassim Lyes, Pilar Gómez, Victoria Santos, Joan Solé, Alba Galocha Y Edu Tudelaamong others.

“We wanted to broaden the horizons for the characters. This season has been such a burst of emotion and very enriching.”Rujas declared. He referred to “fun” in the process of writing the screenplays as part of the San Sebastián festival, where YOTELE is present: “We broke our heads and they let us do what we wanted again.” “Starting from scratch when ticked is too complicated and María ticked”Speaking of her character, she noted: “She wants to find meaning in her life to save herself. She clings to faith as an escape route.”

According to Claudia Costafreda, who directed all episodes of this second season, the main character “a complete personal twist”. “Maria has to deal with guilt. She has guilt tattoos on her face, chest, all over her body,” she said in the presentation.

“We moved to another emotional place, where we are now. this sherry walking in an unexpected direction“We wanted to surprise ourselves, the creators of the series, which is also produced by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, and the first to arrive elsewhere.”

Second season summary

In the new season, María comes out of prison ready to make up for lost time and intent on rebuilding her life. To do this, he wants to get rid of the excesses that caused him so much trouble and find a stable job, but soon discovers that life is not easy for an ex-con and his relationship with his friends is difficult. it’s not like it used to be anymore. He was left alone.

‘Cardo’ will once again revive Madrid in its new episodes. It will show more neighborhoods beyond Carabanchel and Malasaña, such as Tetuán and Vallecas.

Source: Informacion


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