Dark Souls 3 was shown from a first-person perspective. Now the mod looks much better than 6 years ago

A Reddit user nicknamed Dasaav posted a video showing a first-person mod for Dark Souls 3. The project is not finished yet, but it has already reached the top of the forum and has collected more than five thousand likes.

It’s worth noting that similar mods have been around since 2016, but Dasaav explains that his work has significant differences from previous projects.

According to the author, his adaptation is a complete transformation of the Dark Souls 3 camera.

“In my mod I plan to both attach the camera to the character’s head and make sure the player is always looking at the camera and the movement is in sync”Dasaav remarked. He compares his work with the regime that skyrim.

The modder said he wants to make the first-person mode more cinematic in the future.

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Source: VG Times


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